SpellAfrica Initiative is a youth-led Mobile for Development social enterprise. We provide a mobile learning tool to help users improve their English across Africa. The SpelAfrica Initiative is born out of passion and dedication by Elvis Austins to improve his poor English vocabulary. Today the idea has transformed into an award winning international nonprofit organization. With support individuals and organizations across the world. As an organization we are proud to foster Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Africa.

Mission: Improve the poor standard of English language across Africa. The SpellAfrica Initiative is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals from Nigeria and people from across the world who have contributed. We have over 120 local student volunteers working tirelessly to help us achieve our mission. The Advisory committee is an international network of expert who have agreed to give the organization meaningful help on a regular basis in different areas, including law, organizational development, technology, policy and outreach to date, they are:

Stephen Ozoigbo - Investment Consultant

Prof. NdubuisiEkekwe - Founder, First Atlantic University

Prof. Cecilia Oman - President Action10 International

Nicole Breckau- NGO Consultant & Professional Writer at Community Focus

Jenni Parker - Design and Social Innovation Consultant


The poor standard of the English language can be noticed across Africa. In West Africa, for example, the high prevalence of Pidgin English has increasingly made it difficult for a typical West African with little formal education to communicate effectively in English.

Pidgin English is spoken by 90% of Anglophone West Africa. Pidgin English typically sounds very similar to the English language. It is usually spelt as pronounced. The problem is: Pidgin English is not a formal language in Nigeria. That means you can’t use it to conduct formal business, neither can you use it for educational purposes. For a typical Nigerian youth who did not see the four walls of a class room, it is a big challenge to form a complete English sentence. Understanding English grammar is their biggest nightmare. Mastering the English language can open the doors of opportunity for many Africans.

Mobile market in Africa “Africa is today the fastest growing and second largest mobile phone market in the world. While in some countries – including Botswana, Gabon and Namibia – there are more mobile subscriptions than inhabitants, Africa still has the lowest mobile penetration of any market. There is plenty more growth to come. Over 620 million mobile subscriptions mean that for the first time in the history of the continent, its people are connected. Nigeria is the biggest with over 120 million mobile subscribers” –CNN SpellAfrica uses the growing mobile market and other advances in information technology to reach out to millions of Africans to improve their English language skills.


To reach out to millions of people across Africa, we have developed unique strategies. Presently, we are using the following strategies:


mVocabulary is a Short Message Service(SMS) based project, that allows our subscribers to learn new words from the English dictionary on a daily basis.


SPELL101 is a Radio/TV program that is designed to improve the spelling skills of teenagers across Nigeria. We strongly believe that getting the right vocabulary is the first step towards improving Africa’s education. The program highlights will feature a radio presenter broadcasting live on an FM station while kids across Nigeria will be informally interviewed for the purpose of testing their spelling skills. The program is currently being aired at Bronze FM, 101.5 Benin City, Nigeria.


Fotobulary is a mobile app that uses pictures to illustrate the English language. Fotobulary is a user friendly game designed to inculcate English words in the minds and hearts of the players.